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Couture Resto/Lounge to Replace Ecco in Hollywood

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Cocktails and clothes, get ready Hollywood. In the constant battle to one up your neighbor with a theme-y gimmick, next in line is Couture Lounge, a "fashion inspired venue" replacing the shuttered Ecco Ultra Lounge on Cahuenga Boulevard. DailyISO describes this nightclub as a "a hybrid mix of lounge, restaurant, fashion showroom, and nightclub" inclusive of a runway built into the venue. Promoter Danny Bitar (owner of Ecco) has teamed up with Boulevard Nightlife Group (Lure, Hemingways, Supperclub) to debut this experiment in mid-November. And as for the restaurant part, Will Karges (Jones, The Six) is overseeing food stuffs.
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Couture Lounge

1640 N Cahuenga Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028