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Philippe Ready for Debut on Sleepy Stretch of Wilshire

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The ill-fated Maison Maurice will soon be the posh new home to Philippe, formerly on Melrose. After a dicey lawsuit that awarded $1 million to Michael Chow for "unfair competition by deceptive conduct" and false advertising, it looks like Philippe is looking for a fresh start on Wilshire Boulevard just a stone's throw from Beverly Hills' Restaurant Row on La Cienega.
The same dark granite facade from Maison Maurice stands, though the interior is reminiscent of the Melrose and Sweetzer location — black and white all over. There's a fancy landing area and clear glass doors that lead into the restaurant. A bar and lounge area with a white textured ceiling and red furniture looks out onto Wilshire Blvd. The jury's out on the location, but with Delfina Città across the street and Red Medicine nearby, perhaps Philippe is bringing its pricey eats to an under served area. The high-end Chinese cuisine featuring the likes of "Beijing" Duck, pan-fried noodles, and dumplings that's been popular with celebrities will have a new home within the next few months.
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