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Hyperion Public Almost Ready to Serve Silver Lake

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Elizabeth Daniels 10/12

According to Twitter, Hyperion Public, the anticipated neighborhood pub replacement for The Other Side/Flying Leap Cafe on Hyperion Avenue, kicked off dinner service test runs last night. Though the restaurant is still only cooking for a select group at the moment, it should commence service to the public on Saturday. Above, a look inside the unpretentious, rustic country space conceived by partners Akida Mashaka (Hoagies and Wings), "Speaks" (The Den of Hollywood), and Paddy Aubrey.
Speaks explains that they're still finalizing the menus and drinks based on mock service and everything should be in place by tomorrow night. The trio is going for a neighborhood-friendly menu of regional American comfort food with ingredients sourced from local farmers markets.
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Hyperion Public

2538 Hyperion Avenue, , CA 90027 (323) 761-6440 Visit Website