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Tinhorn Flats Tests Hollywood Waters Mid-November

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Baret Lepejian, the guy behind A&I photo and also owner of Lucy's 51 in Toluca Lake and Tinhorn Flats in Burbank, is bringing the latter, a Western-themed restaurant and bar to Hollywood. Tinhorn Flats Hollywood is estimated to open around November 15 with a menu headed by corporate chef Dadi Revivo (Darioush, My Vienna).

Much like the American bar menu offered in Burbank, Revivo says he plans to serve his "5 layers burger, a line of other cool burgers, and other dishes like pulled pork, alligator, homemade Belgian frits, homemade ketchup and other cool things ... some fun desserts too!" To drink, likely a similar such beer list, mostly standard selections on offer. [EaterWire]

[Photo: Tinhorn Flats, Burbank]

Tinhorn Flats Hollywood

1724 N Highland Ave #100 Los Angeles, CA 90028