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M.Volt NOT Headed to Alexandria, Barnyard Still Weeks Out, More!

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VIRGINIA— M.Volt is in a bit of a tizzy after a new Alexandria restaurant, Notting Hill Restaurant & Bar, posted to its website the following blurb, "NEW Nottinghill Restaurants Opening Soon?" with a photo of Voltaggio. The chef shoots back, stating, "I am in no way involved with this Notting Hill project ... It's misleading and frustrating that they've used my image without my (or the photographer's) permission on their site. Apparently they have no definitive vision. I hope that they can identify who they are before they start serving guests." Oddly enough the image is STILL posted to the site. [Washingtonian]

VENICE— Word on the street is that despite recently previewing a menu at Test Kitchen, Jeremy Fox's Barnyard is still three to four weeks out. [EaterWire]

HUNTINGTON BEACH— Boardwalk Fresh Burgers & Fries will officially serve those in Huntington Beach on November 8. Owner Andrew Ritchie is planning to launch additional SoCal locations over the next two years. [EaterWire]

MID-CITY— Although Koo Koo Roo at Beverly and Larchmont was not licensed to serve alcohol, the forthcoming Chipotle will pour beer and wine. [ELA]

VENICE— The Red Garter (2536 Lincoln Blvd.) will soon reopen as The RG Club with a craft cocktail program and live jazz. [EaterWire]

Notting Hill Restaurant & Bar

1106 King St Alexandria, VA 22314