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SoCal's First Outpost of The Melt will Open in Hollywood

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Here it is. The very first SoCal home for San Francisco's The Melt — the grilled cheese truck slash brick and mortar from Flip cam creator Jonathan Kaplan, with a menu advised by chef Michael Mina. The former Bodega Wine Bar space will be retooled into a simple but well-groomed, technologically advanced melted cheese hub, likely similar to SF locations wherein customers place food orders via a mobile app or computer. When one arrives, an employee scans a QR code and your sandwich is ready in a minute. Which means no lines. Here's the menu, note several grilled cheese constructions plus soup and dessert. Even though XIV is donzo, looks like Michael Mina still likes LA, at least a little bit.
·Meals on Wheels [~ELA~]

The Melt

6290 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028