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Mezze on La Cienega Done October 27, Will Relocate

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Wow, this is sad. Mezze — the Waldo Fernandez — designed Mediterranean restaurant cheffed by James Beard Award semifinalist Micah Wexler - will shutter on October 27. This location didn't work out for David Myers and apparently it didn't work for partner Michael Kassar either. LAmag states that nearby construction from a mixed-use complex did the restaurant in, here's the word from the restaurant:

Heavy construction for a massive residential and retail complex a few feet away from the restaurant began about six months ago. It has progressively worsened month after month. The building will take at least two more years to build. The daily occurrence for the past four to six months of cement trucks and tractors in front of the restaurant, coupled with the completely fenced off sidewalk to the south of Mezze has made it impossible for guests to walk by foot from the south. There is now no crosswalk to arrive at Mezze from that direction. The construction has also made it extremely difficult to see the restaurant, making it nearly invisible.
Thus, Mezze will close its doors, but relocate elsewhere asap. In the meantime, UMAMIcatessen is still serving Wexler's bites.
·Wait, No! Mezze to Close October 27 [LAmag]

[Photo: Elizabeth Daniels]

Mezze @mezze_la

401 N La Cienega Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90048-1906 310 657 4103