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The Grafton Loses The Olive Kitchen + Bar in WeHo

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The Grafton Hotel has gone through restaurant tenants like a child goes through toys. Locals were happy when seasoned restaurateur Greg Morris (The Belmont, Franklin & Co.) stepped into the picture almost four years ago. His newer concept, The Olive Kitchen + Bar, served hotel patrons a selection of Cali-style Mediterranean and Italian fare. Unfortunately, last month, The Olive went the way of Morris' Oak Fire Pizzeria & Pub and The Spanish Kitchen: down and out. This summer, Morris told Eater that he was moving on from some of the recent closures, and had shifted focus to new, bigger projects in LA and NY. Meanwhile, The Grafton has put their restaurant space back up for lease.
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The Olive Kitchen + Bar

8462 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069