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FIGat7th Scores an Outpost of The Melt in December

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Not only is San Francisco's technologically advanced and enhanced grilled cheese operation The Melt headed to the old Bodega Wine Bar space in Hollywood, but an additional location is slated to open in December at new downtown shopping complex FIGat7th. 800 Degrees fires your pizza in 60 seconds and The Melt serves you grilled cheese in under 90 seconds.

Joining The Melt within FIGat7th's 25,000-square-foot dining space is the previously mentioned Mendocino Farms, Sprinkles Cupcakes, plus Juicy Lucy (Paul Shoemaker), Loteria Grill (Jimmy Shaw), Oleego (Jenee Kim of Park's Barbeque), Indus, George's Greek Cafe, Morton's, CPK, and Starbucks. [ELA]


735 S Figueroa St Los Angeles, CA 90017