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Will Douillet of Next Joins Michael Voltaggio's ink., More Restaurants Planned For The Future

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Will Douillet — previous sommelier at Alinea, general manger at Next (perhaps the toughest table in the country), and restaurant director at Sixteen — is about to relocate from Chicago to Los Angeles and join chef Michael Voltaggio at ink.

Eater Chicago reports that Douillet plans to move to LA "in a couple of weeks" and will take on the role of GM at ink. and also serve as director of operations for the company (so, both ink. and ink.sack). This move reunites Douillet and Voltaggio who worked together at The Bazaar prior to Voltaggio's Top Chef days.

Also of note, Douillet states that "there are plans to open more restaurants in the future" with Voltaggio. Not long ago Volt posted a call on Twitter as follows: "@MVoltaggio: seeking restaurant managers for new projects within@MVinkLA send resume to" Douillet responded.
·Will Douillet Leaves Sixteen, Heading to LA's ink. to Reunite With Michael Voltaggio [~ELA~]


8360 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90069 323-651-5866


8360 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90069