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Palsaik to OC, Wok Coco Cooking Celebes Cuisine

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1) Buena Park: Palsaik Samgyupssal, the vaunted Korean temple of "8 colored" pork belly, is opening its second US branch. Due to a misunderstanding between the previous tenant and the city, construction has yet to begin. Still, ownership is targeting a year-end opening. 6681 Beach Blvd., Ste C

2) Anaheim: Warteg Wok Coco, a random Asian take-out shack, will expand its unequalled Indonesian Celebes menu next month. Chef James Kumajas, previously a tattoo artist, took over Wok Coco in April with his wife Herlina Chandra as manager, and introduced unique dishes from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi this past summer. While the news has yet to spread, this may be the only place in LA to get ayam bumbu RW (Manadonese dog stew-style chicken), spicy smoked tuna, and coto makassar (Sulawesi beef soup). 221 S Magnolia Ave.

3) Torrance: Ramen Restaurant Ko-Ryu of Costa Mesa recently opened a second branch on Crenshaw Boulevard. While management refuses to pinpoint the regionality of the ramen, they do claim to carry the "coldest Sapporo draft in town." Paired with its infamous "Boss" ramen, Ko-Ryu sounds like a badass noodle party. 24631 Crenshaw Blvd., Ste K

Warteg Wok Coco

221 S Magnolia Ave Anaheim, CA 92804