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The Penthouse at Mastro's, A New Eating and Drink Place

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Elizabeth Daniels 10/12

If anything, The Penthouse at Mastro's, the new 3rd floor "lounge" above power hall Mastro's in Beverly Hills, looks less like a lounge and more like a full scale dining operation. Note the crowded tables in the dining room, very much in the Mastro's style, and a secondary bar area with about a dozen chairs and several additional tables. This indoor and al fresco hub serves typical American standards, pretty much the same dinner menu as offered below at Mastro's, with the addition of "Sushi Selections" like Ahi Tuna Tostada and Curry Hamachi Sashimi. The Penthouse pays attention to sake, available in 4-ounce pours or by bottle, and also has a new cocktail list in place.
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