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Presenting Venice's New Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

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Elizabeth Daniels 10/12

Prime Abbot Kinney real estate with a full liquor license is a rare find. So when 13-year-old Lilly's announced it's end in August, a new operator was already likely attached. Here now Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, to be confused with the acclaimed Wolf in Sheep's Clothing pop-up at Capri, a concept patronized for its excellent farm-to-table fare executed by chefs Kris Tominaga (Joe's) and Brian Dunsmoor (Axe). Wolf in Sheep's Clothing the redux is a function of John Mascarenhas and Brad Johnson (Post & Beam), Mascarenhas was a partner in the original Capri pop-up, and has clearly relocated the name to Lilly's and brought in new chefs Kevin Kathman (French Laundry, NYC's Daniel) and Dustin Taylor (NYC's Daniel, Waverly Inn). Cocktailman Daniel Nelson (Writer's Room) heads the bar.

Much of Lilly's still remains. The bar looks pretty similar minus that enomatic wine system, in the lounge furniture and pillows have been reupholstered, and new hanging lights add color to the patio. Overall, the space now channels a more hip, bohemian Venice aesthetic.
·Despite the Name, Wolf in Sheep's Clothing is NOT Kris Tominaga and Brian Dunsmoor's Pop-Up [~ELA~]

A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

1031 Abbot Kinney, Venice, CA 90291