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Spago's Classic/Modern New Look, Better Than Before?

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Elizabeth Daniels 10/12

Without any further ado, Wolfgang Puck's Spago 2.0: clean, bright, with subtle pops of blue. Designer Waldo Fernandez's (Soho House) contemporary take on the California classic maintains Spago's original bone structure, repackaged to fit the times. Obviously, the times have changed since 1982 and designer pizza and pasta is no longer novel. Which explains the restaurant's new menu, a California Asian fusion list attired with both Veal Filet Mignon Tartar and Whole Roasted Chinese Duck.

First opened on the Sunset Strip, Puck relocated Spago to its present turf in 1997, and this past summer he decided it was time for an update. Former wife and partner/designer Barbara Lazaroff was not pleased. Nonetheless, Spago closed down July 9, and fewer than three months later re-emerged with the look above. Thoughts? Do share in the comments.
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