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Village Tavern to Atwater Village, Big Daddy's Fire Grill Expands in Pasadena, More!

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ATWATER VILLAGE— A new restaurant and bar under the name Village Tavern is in the works at 3216 Glendale Boulevard. Management is looking to acquire a CUP with full liquor for the 77-seat eatery. [Atwater Village News]

WEST HOLLYWOOD— Rene Averseng, owner of specialty booze emporium Du Vin Wine & Spirits, has sold the somewhat veiled bottle shop to Elvina and Michael Risley. [EaterWire]

PASADENA— Within one year of launch (right next to In-N-Out, mind you), fast casual burger flipper Big Daddy's Fire Grill is looking to open its second, larger location across town at the Orangewood Shopping Center (147 W California Boulevard) on November 1. [Pasadena Now]

GLENDALE— Last Saturday, a man was arrested outside a Glendale Vons after he reportedly walked out with fried chicken and a piece of cheesecake. When questioned about the five finger discount, he stated that he grew impatient while waiting to pay for the goods and just decided to walk out with them. [GNP]

Village Tavern

3216 Glendale Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90039