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1933 Group to Revitalized Idle Hour Cafe, A Year Out

Photo: The City Project

Next up for the 1933 Group — responsible for such venues as Sassafras, Bigfoot Lodge, and Thirsty Crow — is the historically relevant Idle Hour Cafe. Inhabiting "one of LA's last standing programmatic buildings" (a building that looks like an object), according to Curbed, Bobby Green and team plans to launch a new concept, possibly under the name Idle Hour Cafe, in this very location. However, with the opening of Sassafras and all, construction has been delayed and this redo is still about a year or so away.

As a quick Cliffs Notes on the history here, Idle Hour was commissioned in 1941 by Michael D. Connolly, a film technician at Universal Studios, and operated as a tap room for years. In the 1960s the space became Rudy's Keg, and then in 1971 reopened as La Caña until its shutter in 1984. Now, the long-vacant establishment is set to see new 1933 Group days. [EaterWire]

Idle Hour Cafe

4824 Vineland Ave., Los Angeles, CA