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Sweet! Could Be The World's Most Epic Candy Store

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Elizabeth Daniels 11/12

All of your childhood dreams are about to come true. This is Sweet! a massive new 30,000 square foot Wonka candy emporium open as of yesterday inside the Hollywood & Highland complex. Know before you go: 1) There ARE Oompa Loompas. (Photo evidence above.) 2) A Wonka Inventing Room enables you to design your own candy bar. 3) You can eat candy out of a urinal in The Yucky!! Room. Seriously. 4) Lollyland is filled with candy trees. 5) The Sticky Room provides freshly made taffy. 6) You can watch your gumball travel across the ceiling hooked up to a Ferrari.

Sweet! is an epic candy amusement park with 12 theme rooms focused on candy one can or can not even imagine. A Nestlé Crunch bar built into the floor crunches when you walk on it, and piano keys leading up to the shop's entrance play music as you step on them. Candy high heels, giant chocolate eggs, an international candy room and candy-themed swag litter the space. Wonka puts the newly opened Dylan's Candy Bar to shame. This here is the golden ticket. [EaterWire]