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Of Course Barton G. The Restaurant is Replacing Rose

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Behold, the masterpiece that will be Barton G. The Restaurant on La Cienega Boulevard come February. And guess what it's replacing? The very short-lived Rose. This here is the rumored "popular Miami eatery" stepping in. Makes sense. From one sceney concept to the next.

According to his reps, Barton G. Weiss is a "renowned restaurateur, hotelier and events impresario" responsible for three Miami venues that serve dishes like this and that. Apparently, Barton G. The Restaurant is "internationally-known for its reinterpretations of iconic American dishes featuring innovative, over-the-top presentations" which, in LA, will be run by Jeff O'Neill (The Dining Room at The Villa by Barton G.) who supposedly has "trained" with Daniel Boulud and Eric Ripert. The LA menu features "sophisticated new culinary creations" in line with past "favorites" like Lobster Pop Tarts, Samurai Tuna, and Gizmo Chicken. Pastry chef Luis Vasquez adds "fantastical desserts."

What pairs best with a Lobster Pop Tart? Obviously, "innovative and avant-garde cocktails" made with "fruit and vegetable bouillons, infusions, purées and extractions."

As for those renderings above, Barton G. The Restaurant, designed by Weiss and his creative team, are going for a "sleek, modern feel, yet laid-back California sensibility" that will "reflect his signature flair for dramatic presentation." Brace.
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Barton G

861 N LA Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA