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Seth Rogan Hits Eva, Eric Bana at Napa Valley Grille, More!

1) Eva: "Sitting at the bar at EVA RESTAURANT on Beverly and in walks SETH ROGAN with 4 guests! They all ordered the did look good!" [Starwatch Inbox]

2) Gangadin: "Friday night we had dinner at Ganga Din in Studio City and Billy Connolly (The World's Most Famous Scotsman) was having dinner with 3 friends. By the way, Gang Din is a rocking Indian restaurant." [Starwatch Inbox]

3) Napa Valley Grille: Last Sunday night actors Eric Bana and Kim Coates enjoyed a casual dinner with Johnnie Walker Black Label and a bottle of red wine at Napa Valley Grille." [Starwatch Inbox]

4) RockSugar: "Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell were spotted yesterday, November 12, at RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen in Century City. There were three people total, appeared to be having a nice time and they were all dressed casually." [Starwatch Inbox]

7458 Beverly Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90036