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Duff Goldman Planning Pastry and Coffee Shop on Beverly

Ace of Cakes pastry star Duff Goldman hit Melrose with Cakemix, a design-your-own cake shop and bakery, just five months ago, now he's looking past the frosting to open a small European bakery and coffee joint. In an interview with Zagat, Duff explains, "I'm opening a little retail pastry shop over on Beverly Blvd. in LA ... The retail shop is going to be across from CBS Studios and what I want to do there is I want to do the exact opposite of Charm City Cakes. I mean, there might be some cake there - we might do cupcakes. There will be all kinds of pastries and bake a bunch of really really good stuff. I want to have a place that I can bake a bunch of stuff that's not cake. I've been a pastry chef for pretty much my whole life and at this point I'm 'the cake guy.' But actually I make a really good scone and pies and petit fours and I want to do like a really good not necessarily French.. but like a Frenchie/Austrian pastry shop with really really kickass coffee." In other news, Duff does not hate cupcakes and thinks Guy Fieri is a wonderful human being.
·Duff Goldman on His Dream Cake, the Cupcake ATM [Zagat]