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TLT Food Feeds Westwood, Another Look Inside

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Elizabeth Daniels 11/12

With lines out the door yesterday on opening day at TLT Food, one would think that Westwood Village lacked a restaurant community. In fact, quite the contrary with so many new additions like Cafe Azul, Skylight Gardens, 800 Degrees, the expanded Native Foods, and the Veggie Grill plus U-Mini en route. Above, a more comprehensive view inside Daniel Shemtob's lime green restaurant, aptly colored after his popular SoCal food truck, The Lime Truck. In Westwood, an expanded truck menu is on offer (online ordering is avail, too), staying true to its Cali fusion roots with dishes like pork belly nachos; a variety of taco constructions; cauliflower with chili, cheese and garlic; and bok choy with peanuts, ponzu and sesame. Craft beer and wine to drink.
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TLT Food

1116 Westwood Boulevard, , CA 90024 (310) 443-4433 Visit Website