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Gaucho Chicken Cafe, a Casual Chicken Place in WeHo

Elizabeth Daniels 11/12

Welcome to Adolfo Suaya, Ricardo Salinas, and chef Larry Greenwood's (BOA, Boho) Gaucho Chicken Cafe, a bright and clean little number soft open as of November 21. Born in the original home of Suaya's first restaurant, Gaucho Grill, this organic rotisserie chicken cafe focuses on a menu with dishes under 400 calories at an affordable price point. Half a chicken with one side costs $11, or sides like steamed bamboo and butternut squash can be purchased separately for $4 or $6. No tax, no tips, prices as marked. To drink, sangria, craft beer on tap, and Malbec, $4 each.
·Healthy Chicken to Sunset via Gaucho Chicken Cafe [~ELA~]

Gaucho Chicken Cafe

7980 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90046 (323) 656-1076