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A-Frame's Backwoods Old Fashioned

Elizabeth Daniels 11/12

As done in theme weeks past, Eater asked five bars around the city to create special, limited time only off-the-menu Eater cocktails, to be mixed and muddled all this week. First up is mix master Brian Butler of A-Frame with his Backwoods Old Fashioned priced at $11. Butler combines Booker's small batch cask strength bourbon, Laird's Bonded Applejack, dark amber Vermont maple syrup, and Bitter Truth Old Time Aromatic Bitters for a fall cocktail inspired by his trips to visit family in Virginia. Butler says, this drink "is hearty and warming with a just enough spice and richness to warm you up while strong enough to let you unwind and relax at first sip. Simple and enjoyable just like camping in the backwoods of Virginia."
Check back later in the week for drinks from SHOREbar, The Hungry Cat, The Roger Room, and Messhall as follows.

SHOREbar: The Big Freeze, a gin drink with lemon, raspberries, and peppermint, by Curtis Dean Harrier for $10.

The Hungry Cat Santa Monica: The Remedy, a bourbon, pineapple, apple drink by Brian Quint for $13.

The Roger Room: The Borrowed Tuxedo, a spiced rum drink by Damian Windsor for $13.

Messhall: The Finding [of Another Kindred Soul], a bourbon and sherry drink by Erik Lund for $11.


12565 West Washington Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90066