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Jason Travi's Littlefork to Hollywood Next Month

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Remember when Dave Reiss (A-Frame, The Brig) took over the shuttered Shin BBQ on Wilcox in what seemed like a possible next step for another branch of A-Frame? As it turns out Reiss has partnered with original Fraiche chef Jason Travi who, recently, has resurfaced in Los Angeles after much time missing from the LA dining scene. And just for the record, former New York Times Restaurant Critic Frank Bruni named Fraiche one of the top 10 best new restaurants in the country back in those early Travi days. So Hollywood, take note. Good food to come.

Littlefork, is an Atlantic Northeast seafood-focused concept and its name references the cocktail fork which will be used fairly ubiquitously with all the restaurant's shellfish preps. Think cuisines of the New England states to the Canadian Maritime region (basically Boston to Montreal), highlighting oysters, clams, mussels, smoked fish and meats plus duck and poutine, with small plates priced betweeen $4 and $16 and larger dishes around $18 to $28. The team, which also included well-respected barman Brian Butler (A-Frame, Sunny Spot) and GM Benjamin Levy (Pitfire Pizza, Go Burger, Slanted Door- SF), has brough back interior designer Sean Knibb, the individual responsible for A-Frame's award winning look. Estimated launch: Mid-December.
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1600 Wilcox Ave Los Angeles, CA 90028