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SHOREbar's The Big Freeze

Elizabeth Daniels 11/12

Eater asked five bars around the city to create special, limited time only off-the-menu Eater drinks, available through Sunday for Eater's Cocktail Week. So far Brian Butler at A-Frame will serve you a Backwoods Old Fashioned, Erik Lund at Messhall is offering up The Finding [of Another Kindred Soul], and Damian Windsor at the Roger Room shares The Borrowed Tuxedo.

Over on the west side, Curtis Dean Harrier at SHOREbar is mudding The Big Freeze, an adult beverage inspired by his love for peppermint during colder months. In fact, he says that this drink "brings him back to the days when Santa was still real" and that he wishes he had this drink as a kid. Hmm. Anyway, into this $10 elixir Harrier pours gin, fresh lemon juice, homemade peppermint syrup, and Aperol. He muddles in raspberries, shakes, and serve the drink up in a coupe glass.

Stay turned for one final alcoholic beverages from The Hungry Cat still to come.
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