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Bill Esparza Rips Refinery 29's '60 Best Mexican Restaurants' List

Back in September, fashion blog Refinery 29 published a piece titled "Best Of L.A.: 60 Mexican Restaurants Your Mouth Can't Miss!" and just now, a little late to the game, Bill Esparza of Street Gourmet and LAmag is tearing apart the list, stating it "is about as current as parachute pants, Members Only jackets, and shoulder pads." Which is not the best insult because both parachute pants and shoulder pads have made a comeback recently. But, point taken. Esparza goes on to write, "If you're highlighting Mexican restaurants, the food should be, y'know? Mexican. As in, of Mexico. You list Marix, but that's Tex-Mex. (Yes, there's a BIG difference.) And La Cevicheria? Guatemalan. And the ceviche chapin dish you recommend there literally means 'Guatemalan ceviche.' (Chapin is a slang name for Guatemalans.) Although you did identify Malibu's Café Habana as Cuban-Mexican, its 'classics'—such as tofu enchiladas, blackened chicken, and Habana burrito—are neither Cuban nor Mexican." Ouch. In conclusion, he suggests using the list as reference for where NOT to eat authentic Mexican in Los Angeles.
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