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PETA Sues Hot's Kitchen for Still Serving Foie Post Ban

Hot's Kitchen in Hermosa Beach is one of the select area restaurants which took advantage of a loophole in the July 1 foie gras ban and continued to serve "complimentary" foie with the purchase of a burger. And now PETA is suing the restaurant. According to PETA's blog: "We contacted the Hermosa Beach Police Department, but with a lot on their plates, they haven't gotten around to the case. So we've taken the matter to court, filing suit against the restaurant, called Hot's Kitchen, for engaging in unlawful business practices."

Eater National has video footage. >>

Hot's Kitchen

844 Hermosa Avenue, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 (310) 318-2939

Hot's Kitchen

844 Hermosa Ave Hermosa Beach, CA 90254