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Josef Centeno Opening Bar Amá on December 15

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Chef Josef Centeno outside Bar Amá.
Chef Josef Centeno outside Bar Amá.
Photo: Matt Duckor/Bon Appetit

Naturally, when a restaurant receives as many accolades and as much attention as did chef Josef Centeno's Bäco Mercat over the last year, all eyes are on his follow up effort, Bar Amá. A Tex-Mex restaurant serving such plates as puffy tacos, fajitas, and chicken-fried steak, Centeno explains to Bon Appetit, "I want to take the good ideas from Tex-Mex--conceptually there's a lot of good ideas there--and make the execution better." The restaurant's interior, which is taking shape, was designed by Centeno and he plans to open on December 15.
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Bar Ama

118 W 4th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013 (213) 687-8002

Bar Amá

118 W 4th St., Los Angeles, CA 90013