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Soba Sojibo Opens Softly on Sawtelle

Phone: 310-479-1200
Status: Opened yesterday
After a few months of remodeling, Soba Sojibo opened last night at the old Orris location. Akin to Kula Sushi and Little Tokyo's Izakaya Yuji, Soba Sojibo is part of the current onslaught of US restaurants being rapidly developed by massive Japanese food empires for Los Angeles. Sojibo's first branch in Torrance has been well received, and there is no doubt more will come to SoCal. Restaurant group Kineya's decision to launch Sojibo's second branch on Sawtelle also cements the boulevard's status as Westside's epicenter of Asian dining. Of note, Sojibo Torrance is running a 50% shochu sale through tomorrow.
Additional Reading: ExpansionWire, 7/23

Soba Sojibo

2006 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025