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Hot's Kitchen Responds to PETA's Non Lawsuit

PETA is none too pleased with Hot's Kitchen. Taking advantage of a loophole in the July 1 foie gras ban, the Hermosa Beach restaurant has continued to offer a complimentary side of foie gras to diners who order the eatery's Balsamic Burger. So, PETA decided to sue the restaurant. Or, claimed on its blog to sue the restaurant. However, according to Sean Chaney, chef and owner of Hot's, the restaurant has been served with no such suit. So is it all a ploy for attention on PETA's part? According to Chaney, who provided Reuters with a similar statement:

My team and I have consulted, and, as of 5pm yesterday, Hot's has not been legally served with any lawsuit. Therefore, we cannot responsibly comment. Publicity stunts such as the filing of an outrageous, baseless lawsuit, followed by the issuance of press releases are nothing more than an attempt to exploit the media by stoking controversial flames and are designed to line the pockets of profiteers. If and when Hot's is legally served, we will be happy to provide a statement that speaks to the allegations after we have had an opportunity to review the complaint. Hot's stands by its previous statement that foie gras can be made humanely; and we continue to provide our customers with wholesome, humane animal products. We suggest that you contact the Coalition for Humane and Ethical Farming Standards, CHEFS, for questions at ; Cathy Kennedy 530.204.8270 with questions regarding foie gras."
So far no lawsuit, and the free foie continues.
·PETA Sues Hot's Kitchen for Still Serving Foie Post Ban [~ELA~]

Hot's Kitchen

844 Hermosa Avenue, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 (310) 318-2939

Hot's Kitchen

844 Hermosa Ave Hermosa Beach, CA 90254