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Sound Check, New Nightclub Hits Hollywood on Friday

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Elizabeth Daniels 11/12

After a series of delays, Muse Lifestyle Group's (Robert Vinokur, Kobi Danan, Mikayel Israelyan) 8,000 square foot Sound nightclub is about ready to take the town on Friday. Previously functioning as Element for years, the space has been rebooted by iCrave Design with miles of knotty California redwood, capturing a raw and industrial look which has been fashionable for the last few years. Note recessed seating and three bars (two in the main room and one up front), open until 4 a.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.
Upon inception Sound will serve a list of hand-held street food-inspired offerings which patrons can order via table service or from a walk-up food bar. Going forward the menu will change as "celebrity chefs" create new menus every few months.
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