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Steven Arroyo's New Venture, Bedford & Burns, More!

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1) Mid-City: Steven Arroyo's Potato Chips shuttered this summer because the city of Los Angeles wanted Arroyo to provide 20 parking spaces for patrons of the mostly grab-and-go eatery. Potato Chips' menu was instead folded into that of Arroyo's nearby Escuela. Soon after Potato Chips closed, renovations began on the interior and later this month Pigeon will open to the public. Diners need not get excited: this isn't another restaurant. Instead, Arroyo is expanding into retail with a shop selling housewares, reclaimed dining furniture, fixtures and flatware. Do note, however, that occasionally the space may also serve as a private dining area. [EaterWire]
2) Beverly Hills: Though the interior looks almost complete, Amanda Craig, general manager for the forthcoming Bedford & Burns, says that the restaurant will open to the public by the end of this month. [EaterWire]

3) Silver Lake: The plywood is down over at Caffe Vita, though paper still covers the windows. A peek inside shows that the basic, clean-lined interior is just about done. [EaterWire]

4) West Hollywood: Word now in on the exact location of Barton G. The Restaurant. The Miami eatery is coming to 861 N. La Cienega Blvd, West Hollywood. Given the last word on Rosé, this makes a lot of sense. [EaterWire]