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Miles Thompson is Now EC at Allumette, Formerly AYC

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The name of the Allston Yacht Club remake, cheffed by Miles Thompson (Son of a Gun), is called Allumette. After a successful Vagrancy Project run this past summer, AYC partners Bill Didonna and Charles Kelly decided to morph the pop-up into a full scale dining and drinking outfit, and early next year they will debut a redecorated restaurant with Thompson as executive chef.

While most small plate restaurants serve smaller portions intended for sharing with a group, Thompson is taking the small plate concept in the direction of customized tasting menus. About 10 to 15 dishes will grace the menu nightly, and Thompson suggests that diners order four to five plates per person, which will be served as a tasting menu. The menu is divided into "Vegetable," "Shellfish," "Fish," "Meat" and "Sharing," containing dishes like Red Kuri with Broccoli, Vadouvan and Carrot, and Beet with Bitter Greens, Tosa-zu and Pear; and Pork Shoulder with Ras el Hanout, Orange and Olives. Thompson also plans to offer his own prix fixe menu.

Serena Herrick (Harvard & Stone) is on board to run the restaurant's new bar and serve classic cocktails and "new classic" cocktails like a Penecillin Sour and a Market Produce Martini. Allumette will serve nightly until midnight.
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1320 Echo Park Ave Los Angeles, CA