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Bedford & Burns, an American Bistro in Beverly Hills

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Elizabeth Daniels 12/12

The history of Bedford & Burns starts in 1918, with grandfather Robert Burns' pharmacy in Beverly Hills at Doheny and Burton Way, the current site of the Beverly Hills' Four Seasons. Bedford & Burns owners and siblings Bonnie, Bobby, and Beth Burns have heard the story about how their father asked grandfather Burns to put a soda fountain into the pharmacy. Later, father Bob Burns opened his namesake steakhouses around LA. The kids continued in their father's footsteps with Marmalade Café, which they expanded and eventually sold in 2007. Bedford & Burns marks the family's return to Beverly Hills.

General Manager Amanda Craig says the restaurant is aiming to open to the public on January 1. Chef Romeo Garcia has been a part of the family's business for over 20 years. He is designing a menu of casual American bistro food with subtle Latin and Asian influences. The dinner menu will feature fresh oysters on the half-shell, and hearty salads, steaks and chops. Lunch items revolve around salads, sandwiches and soups. The restaurant's wood-fired oven will produce pizzas and wood-roasted meats and fish. A full bar and bar menu will also be on offer. Depending upon demand, Bedford & Burns may eventually open daily for breakfast or on the weekends for brunch.
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