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Michael's Pizzeria to LB Promenade, LA's Best Noodles

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LONG BEACH—Michael's Pizzeria, the Neapolitan-style pizza place named the best pizzeria in Los Angeles by Zagat, is opening a third location at the Long Beach Promenade in February next to Beachwood BBQ. Above, a look inside the under construction space which will be equipped with two pizza ovens. [ELA]

AROUND TOWN—These are the top 12 best noodle spots in Los Angeles according to Zagat: Mandarin Noodle House, Ramen Yamadaya, 101 Noodle Express, Santouka Ramen, Ramen Jinya, Pho 79, Daikokuya, Pho Cafe, Golden Deli, Hakata Ramen Shin Sen Gumi, Pho So 1 and Tsujita LA. [Zagat]


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