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Ruby's DBA Goldie's on West 3rd? Location Revealed

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From the Australian guys — Nick Mathers, Lincoln Pilcher and Nick Hatsatouris — who brought perpetual hot spot Eveleigh to the Sunset Strip, comes Goldie's, a new casual chic concept. But here's the catch: Those guys also operate a cafe in Manhattan called Ruby's, and when Eater recently spotted a permit and architectural rendering pasted to a West 3rd Street construction site for a concept called 'Ruby's,' naturally we thought the Eveleigh team might be involved. Plus, in a recent Gatekeepers post, Eveleigh GM Jeremy Adler said the company had "big things in the pipeline ... It's going to involve our roots somehow." So, actually, Ruby's in LA would make sense since it was the group's first NYC project. Here is an example of Ruby's menu.

And the Eveleigh team is involved here on West 3rd Street, as confirmed by Ruby's management in Manhattan. However, is Ruby's coming to LA or Goldie's? Or both? A Ruby's employee explains that 'Ruby's' is the company's LLC, and so all of their new projects are labeled with the name. A liquor license application is in process for the space that used to house Chado Tea House; It is currently zoned for both retail sale and restaurant dining.
·Eveleigh Team Opening Goldie's in West Hollywood [~ELA~]