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Phillip Lee EC at D'Cache, Opening Resto Next Summer

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Phillip Lee is the chef behind Wolf Cuisine (not to be confused with Wolvesmouth), that dinner party at home meal delivery service priced at $200 for 10 courses. Lee drops Eater a note explaining that he has accepted the title as executive chef at D'Cache, a small Basque restaurant in Toluca Lake, and he begins tomorrow. Lee will re-conceptualize the existing bill of fare, look for new lunch and dinner menus to roll out toward the end of January. Lee says he's excited to "bring better cuisine back over the hill."

Meanwhile, Lee has teamed up with partners to open a full service restaurant under his direction in West Hollywood next summer. While still in the fundraising stages, Lee divulges that "one of LA's leading barmen" will run the beverage program, and a "30 year LA FOH Veteran" will manage the day to day. [EaterWire]


10717 Riverside Drive Toluca Lake, CA 91602