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Gen Korean BBQ Debuts Today, OO-Kook Opening January

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Phone: 626-289-2150
Status: Open today
The previously reported Gen Korean BBQ is opening in Alhambra today despite earlier rumors that it would launch December 28. A rep at the original Tustin branch confirmed the news. The Alhambra location marks the baby empire's first foray into San Gabriel's KBBQ DMZ. No Korean chain has been able to successfully penetrate the SGV, and Gen BBQ is the first to fire the beef volley. Fear not though, management at OO-Kook Ktown advised its San Gabriel city location, a mere four miles away, is due between January 7 and 10. Is this new War of Pork Belly front not exciting enough? Perhaps Moo Dae Po can plant another all-you-can-eat goodness right in between the two powerhouses of premium beef? Let the flow of tallow begin.
Additional Reading: Meanwhile, In SGV, 10/17

Gen Korean BBQ

68 W Main St Alhambra, CA 91801