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Jonathan Gold Reviews Storefront, a Deli in Hollywood

Another gushy review today from The Goldster, this time he tackles Storefront, a sophisticated Hollywood deli from the Salt's Cure guys and those behind Covell:

... when Storefront calls itself a neighborhood deli, the kind of deli it's referring to isn't a pastrami palace like Katz's, Art's or Langer's, but a perfected version of the places you find on every block in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Philadelphia or the older parts of L.A.
Storefront happens to be a neighborhood deli where all the deli meats and fish are cured in-house instead of coming from Boar's Head or something, the breads and croissants and pastries are baked in-house, and even the cream cheese that comes with the cured sablefish on a crunchy bagel is made there.
The egg and cheese, burger, and The Mousa sandwich are good bets, and while Storefront puts forth a valiant effort to recreate Langer's No 1 pastrami sandwich, the iconic LA deli wins out. [LAT]

[Photo: Elizabeth Daniels]

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