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Ikemen Ramen Headed to Little Tokyo in January

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Ikemen Ramen, the proponent of the "no ramen, no life" culinary creed, is running a reverse train back toward Little Tokyo after honing their late night service in Hollywood for the last year. The ramen shop, with partner Max Kawabata silently propelling a bundle of handsome men towards the pursuit of dipping excellence, plans to open a second branch in Weller Court of Little Tokyo. With Orochon holding down as the king of the spicy noodle challenge and Chin-Ma-Ya sporting affordable dan dan noodles, Ikemen will bring a third style of ramen for those paying homage to astronauts in Little Tokyo. Mr. Kawabata tells Eater they're currently hiring for a late January 2013 debut, and the location is right next to Marukai.
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[Photo: Ikeman Ramen, Hollywood.]

Ikemen Ramen

123 Astronaut E S Onizuka St Los Angeles, CA 90012