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The Black Cat Springs to Life Tonight, Have a Looksee

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The Black Cat, the eagerly anticipated and much discussed sophomore effort from those behind The Village Idiot, opens tonight for dinner. But for anyone planning to stop by, do note that no official signage has been posted outside, just look for the facade up above, located on W. Sunset Boulevard in the prior home to Le Barcito (and originally Black Cat Tavern). A space monumental enough to merit its own Wikipedia page.

Architect Jeff Soler (Marcona) is responsible for this aesthetic update, a simple yet tasteful tavern feel with tufted banquettes, a long bar, and faux candlestick lights. Check out the opening dinner menu, sweet corn chowder and marrow bones begin a meal, followed by chicken leg confit, mahi mahi, or steak frites. Lunch and brunch coming soon.

Meanwhile, the next door laundromat is still a work in progress, currently underway to become a separate bistro concept.

Hours of operation for The Black Cat run daily with food served until midnight and booze until 2 a.m.
·The Black Cat Resurfaces in Sunset Junction [~ELA~]

The Black Cat

3909 Sunset Boulevard, , CA 90029 (323) 661-6369 Visit Website