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Cool and Collected, Cognoscenti Coffee Brews Later This Week in Culver City

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Elizabeth Daniels 12/12

After becoming the local coffee industry's darling pop-up, Yeekai Lim's Cognoscenti Coffee has now permanently planted a coffee bar in Culver City's Arts District, nestled on the ground floor of star architect Clive Wilkinson's brand new office building. The corner space has smooth concrete floors and custom millwork counters, with a self-designed geometric carving cut from the back wall. The contrasting black and light hues on white oak are meant to evoke a modern, Scandinavian feel.

Cognoscenti brings together some never-before-seen roasters to LA: Redwood City's Wrecking Ball and Calgary's Phil & Sebastian. They'll be served along with San Francisco's Ritual Coffee and East Coast-based Counter Culture Coffee.

Asked what's different about Cognoscenti, which many regulars refer to simply as "Cog," Lim says his shop is about removing the barrier between customer and barista. The open layout and clean look is an attempt to let people relax and enjoy some of the best coffee roasted in North America. The menu looks simple and uncluttered, allowing people who want to grab and go to have a convenient stop. But the shop's immense variety of coffee will allow those interested in trying something new to geek out over beans with different roast profiles and origins, opening a dialogue with baristas.

Lim started his popular Eastside pop-up coffee operation, Cognoscenti Coffee, at his brother's restaurant, Urban Eats in Burbank, before moving onto the now defunct Blue Dot in Eagle Rock, and then finally taking residence upon the counter at Atwater Village's bustling Proof Bakery two years ago.

Cognoscenti is slated to open some time later this week pending a final health inspection. Probably Friday or Saturday. Further, Cognoscenti will serve Atwater's popular Proof Bakery pastries and croissants. Hours of operation to run Monday through Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Lim plans to eventually open on Sundays, too.
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