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Hold the Palm Tree, 25 Years Later Babalu is Going Mod

Babalu Restaurant & Bakery, that oft passed though less frequently trafficked Caribbean fixture on Montana and 10th, around for the last twenty five years, is sprucing up its digs. Proprietor Eddie Silkaitis, who also owns nearby Café Montana, is overhauling Babalu's kitschy tropical design in favor of a more modern seaside theme composed of a white and blue palette. Silkaitis describes the new look as "more sleek and modern, yet with a east coast relaxed beach style," and he's also planning a menu refresh, keeping some of his more popular dishes like Jerk Chicken, but adding a compendium of new, heathy options with quinoa, kale, and the like. Babalu will continue to serve through the renovation, and Silkaitis is looking to relaunch after the New Year. [EaterWire]


1002 Montana Avenue Santa Monica, CA 90403