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A Peek at SPiN Galactic, Ping Ponging Next Wednesday

For an annual fee of $500, anyone can be a member in a club with Susan Sarandon. SPiN Galactic, opening next Wednesday, is a ping pong club at The Standard Hotel, downtown. For those not in the know, Sarandon loves ping pong, and already co-owns one of these clubs in New York. Along with André Balazs, Sarandon is about to bring the all-ages, hilariously fun and democratically competitive game of ping pong to LA in club form.

SPiN occupies most of the second floor at The Standard. Designers like Ryan McGinness helped reconfigure and refashion what were once boring conference rooms into a wrap around club with three bars, a dozen (ping pong) tables and ultra mod furnishings. It's mostly red and black and white, with '60s molded plastic chairs and plenty of patent, tufted pleather.

As previously announced, Top Cheffer Micah Fields is in charge of the food program, which is a smallish collection of bar bites. The space is flexible, and can be configured into private rooms, each with their own bar and staff. Along with bartenders and servers, staff include ping pong girls, whose job it is to pick up stray ping pong balls, naturally. Large bowls of branded ping pong balls sit near each table, meaning it's easy to keep a game going even if the last serve landed under a nearby couch. There's a chance that even non-members can get in, though they will have to wait in line, while members will mostly be able to check in at the door and grab a table. And only members who play late into the night have the option to purchase a room for the night for only $50 (pending availability), in case they had one too many drinks ... or, presumably, losses.

Update: Per PR, the club's exact opening date is to be confirmed, though staff at last night's preview event announced that it would open next Wednesday. PR also clarifies that the club will be open to anyone 21+ but that members will be given half-price table time, the ability to reserve tables, and be allowed certain additional perks outlined on the website.
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