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Three Years In, a New Chef Releases a Menu at Bouchon

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Chef de cuisine Rory Herrmann presided over Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bistro since day one when the restaurant first threw open its Beverly Hills doors way back in November 2009. While staying true to its French roots, Bouchon's menu fluctuated over the years and with the seasons, in its more recent incarnation focusing heavily on salads and veggie preps. But Herrmann split from the restaurant in early October to explore other opportunities, at which point he left the menu in the hands (quite literally) of executive sous chef David Hands.

Here now a copy of Bouchon's newest bill of fare, organized by Hands, which goes live December 16. This is the first menu in three years to be launched by someone other than Herrmann/Keller. New additions of note fall to roasted marrow bones; Columbia River Sturgeon confit; a roasted pork chop with caramelized radiccio and fennel; and an artichoke, kale, and toasted barley salad.

And by way of alcohol, sommelier Alex Weil is raising spirits with a set of sparkling wine cocktails. Resys here. [EaterWire]

Bouchon Bistro

2101 Galiano Street, , FL 33134 (305) 990-1360