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Evan Funke's Temp Porchetta Truck Debuts Tomorrow

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Former Rustic Canyon chef Evan Funke is taking over the old Beacon space in Culver City with Bucato, an Italian restaurant serving seasonal dishes, some with fresh pasta, others prepared in a wood-burning oven. And although Bucato is supposed to open this month, Funke is unveiling a porchetta-serving food truck tomorrow at Abbot Kinney's First Friday in Venice. An idea born from a recent trip to Umbria. But the vehicle isn't going to be a permanent fixture in LA's food truck circle. Expect the truck to serve for the next five weeks or so basically up until Bucato launches, which sounds like the restaurant's debut might be delayed. In any event, catch the vehicle around Santa Monica and Downtown, and likely parked outside Bucato on Helms.
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3280 Helms Avenue, Culver City, CA 90034 310-876-0286