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Rice, a Healthy Place for Lunch or Dinner, in M.B.

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Elizabeth Daniels 12/12

This is Rice, a restaurant named after the indispensable Asian carbohydrate, also a staple ingredient of the macrobiotic diet. And although Rice may not exclusively follow a macrobiotic plan, its menu is based around grains and vegetables, devoid of artificial anything, and supplemented with seafood for protein. There are izakaya small plates of kelp noodles and clams in sake broth, plus sushi rolls and even vegan ramen.

The restaurant is a project by "Hiro," a former manager from Shojin, another health conscious Japanese haunt which clearly left its mark (some dishes at Rice are the same as Shojin). After spending time running the Manhattan Beach and Hollywood branches of Katsuya, this is Hiro's first solo endeavor.
·Shojin Management to Open Rice in Manhattan Beach [~ELA~]