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WEED Dinner Not Just a Rumor! Coffee Bean Expansion

UNANNOUNCED LOCATION— LQ@SK's Weed Dinner is not just a rumor. Word in that while it won't happen at Starry Kitchen (legal reasons and all), details on location and how to get in will come next week. Also this: While ""weed" MIGHT be the most intriguing part of this dinner for many, the Chinese Herbs are in fact more lethal (if combined incorrectly) than the "weed." Noted. [EaterWire]

REDONDO BEACH— They can't get you on the floor, but they can get you in the door. On Thursday, February 16 at 3:00 PM, Lakers forward Metta World Peace will stop by burrito chain FREEBIRDS, in Redondo Beach. After his visit, FREEBIRDS fans can enter the “Seats Hit the Fan” sweepstakes when they visit a FREEBIRDS location, fill out the form on the bottom of their receipt and drop it into the in-restaurant ballot box. All seat giveaways are back-row season seats. [EaterWire]

EXPANSIONWIRE— Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf opened its first D.C. location in the lobby of the Washington Hilton on Connecticut Avenue today. The chain continues with its expansion plans across the U.S. So far, the locals give it a thumbs up. [EaterWire]

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