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LQ@SK Winds Down, Plans to Reinvent Concept

All good things must come to an end. Fresh from the Eater Inbox, news that Chef Laurent Quenioux and Starry Kitchen are celebrating the beginning of the end of their deliciously incestuous relationship, LQ@SK.

So LQ and I (yes, this is Nguyen from Starry Kitchen if you haven't figured it out) are thinking it's time to evolve LQ@SK. It could be:
- at a different location
- at a new brick+mortar restaurant
- in your mom's backyard
- with a traveling circus
- a back alley w/ nice lighting ^_^

We don't even know yet, but we'll let YOU know as soon as we do too. Last current LQ@SK date(s) will be announced soon. Until then, enjoy the menu for this upcoming week (Psssst-Sunday's COMPLETELY booked!)

Make reservations for Feb 20 or 21 via their online reservation form.

LQ@SK Best of Menu

Amuse: Partridge Poutine, 24 Month Comte Cheese
Foie Torchon, Rose & Huckleberry Relish, Caramel Foie, Cardamom Bitter Vinaigrette, Frisee, Purslane
(BEST of) Lobster Uni Tapioca, Carlsbad Oyster Tartar, Smoked Blis Salmon Roe, Yuzu Kosho
Skate, Red Onion Tempura, Blood Orange, Brown Garlic Butter, Capers Espuma,
(BEST of) Baby Goat, Spring Roll-style, Mints Emulsion, Onion Jam, Scottish Partridge
(BEST of) Dessert: Bacon

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Starry Kitchen

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