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Screen%20shot%202012-02-14%20at%2011.10.10%20AM.pngGrub Street NY has a list of American's 101 "Most Crazy-Awesome New Desserts" with a few right out of LA. Beer Belly's Deep-Fried Twinkie makes the list, as does Culina's The Kitchen Sink (think sundae on crack), Haven Gastropub's Foie-Gras Cheesecake, ink.'s Grapefruit Curd, Mezze's Kaffir Lime Custard, Providence's Sable Breton, Red Medicine's Birch (frozen birch-sap granite with mugwort mousse), Short Order's Peanut-Butter Pretzel Shake, The Bazaar's Grapefruit and Olive Oil, Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air's Tangerine and Chocolate, and WP24's The Pear. [Grub Street NY]